I’m shocked that as much as I like Rubber, I still haven’t fully taken the time to dive into the body of work of director Quentin Dupieux, or “Mr. Oizo.” This really is surprising since I was just now able to look up and to my left to check Dupieux’s name’s spelling on a Rubber poster hanging above me.

In any event, as we anticipate Mr. Dupiex’s next film Wrong, on his recording artist side he’s just released a new album: Mr. Oizo’s “stade 3” which is available for free on Oizo’s amazing website! Unsurprisingly, the director has made a short film to celebrate/announce the album, and it’s a small bit of absurdity that stars William Fichtner (who is in Wrong) and frequent Oizo collaborator, Flat Eric. Of course, Eric is merely a puppet, but one created by the Jim Henson Workshop, and used in all kinds of projects with the director.


In fact — as if to up the shock that I’m not more obsessed with Oizo — I was surprised to find that Flat Eric was also the star of one of my favorite commercials when I was a kid. This Levi’s ad that Dupieux directed and composed…

Anyway, enjoy all of that silliness and check out the new album. I’ll be doing so myself.

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