CHUD readers* will recognize the plaintive cry of “Oh Don Piano!” – it’s what we call that breed of non-news story the internet specializes in, where someone at a junket asks a random actor if he’d like to star in Geek Project X, and the actor, knowing to not close any doors to potential paychecks, says sure. Some sites do Oh Don Piano better than others, and we’ve been known to indulge here on CHUD as well.

Oh Don Piano, of course, refers to the noise made by a bizarrely vocalizing cat on a clip sent to America’s Funniest Home Videos – scroll down to watch the glorious clip for yourself (go right to 50 seconds). I honestly think this might be the funniest thing ever, if only because I have been laughing about it constantly for a very, very long time now. It’s rare something stays so funny for so long!

The junket bullshit phenomenon is called Oh Don Piano because just like the cat sounds like he’s saying something but really isn’t, the celebrity sounds like he’s making some kind of announcement, but he isn’t. It’s all gibberish that we try to make have meaning.

I have been thinking about commissioning an Oh Don Piano t-shirt for some time, and it seems like a contributor to Threadless – a pretty cool shirt site – beat me to it. The site allows people to vote on potential designs, and I want all of you to go to Threadless, register, and vote for this Oh Don Piano shirt, so I can finally own one! Click here to vote!

Of course, that’s not the ideal Oh Don Piano shirt. ‘Why I eyes ya’ is pretty funny, but it’s ‘Oh Don Piano’ that’s iconic – so how about this: send me your designs for an Oh Don Piano shirt featuring that phrase and we’ll sell the best one on the CHUD Café Press store – and the winner will get a cool prize pack made up of some of the excellent movie stuff I have laying around here, including at least one autographed movie poster! Send your designs to

* Don’t worry, I know none of you are ‘regular.’ I mean ‘consistent.’