’s look back in time to when the Harry Potter films first started being made. Remember that? Jesus, they’re up to the fifth one, and people used to wonder if they would actually be able to do all seven. And people also wondered whether the child actors who had been hired by Chris Columbus would finish out the series, or if they would be replaced later, as they entered puberty and unexpected things started happening to them.

An unexpected thing happened to Daniel Radcliffe, the fresh-faced young boy who plays Harry Potter – he grew up, got hot and showed off his cock. Oh myyyy, as George Takei might say. But this hasn’t stopped Dan from being keenly aware of where his bread is buttered – according to his official site, he has signed on for the remainder of the movies, meaning he’ll be playing Harry Potter right to the bitter end, up until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Here here. I like Radcliffe in the role – he’s not a great actor, but he’s getting better, and I love the continuity of watching him grow up on screen over the course of a decade. Growing up is a major part of the Potter concept, as JK Rowling brings us through these character’s adolescences, and it’s excellent to see that reflected on film.

Radcliffe has always said he’d want to finish the series, but I worried that his nude and smoking (cigarettes. I’m not quite that gay) scenes in Equus on the London stage would cause Warner Bros to balk – has there ever been a kiddie series of this sort  that saw its lead actor get so aggressively adult?

The question remains whether the other actors will follow Radcliffe’s lead – Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, is reportedly tired of the role. Rupert Gint probably has a career as a fry cook if he quits, so he should be sticking around as Ron until the end as well.