Not Will.Walden Media, hit and miss gatekeeper of adapted children’s literature (Narnia v. Hoot), is travelling off the beaten path of adaptations by working with director Todd Graff on an original screenplay called Will.

Will, written by Josh Kagen is the story and the story goes like this: High School outcast loves him some music. High School outcast mixes it up with a pupular girl who loves her some music. The pair form up a group of misunderestimated kids and form a band. Together, they turn the tables on High School outcastism by performing in battle of the bands.

In real life though, dude would be forced to pair off with an ugly, clarinet playing band-girl, admire the popular girl from afar, knowing he’d be mocked by popular girl and friends if he ever tried to carry on a conversation. The band would suck, lose and dude would take what he could get and sleep with ugly band girl.

Todd Graff is currently working on a rewrite of the screenplay, which probably isn’t anything like what I just described.