As the hubbub over the 48fps Hobbit presentation subsides a little bit, some of the other interesting movie tidbits leaking out are getting their day in the sun. One of the most interesting among them? How about the news that Jack White will compose and perform the score for The Lone Ranger?

This is news that pretty much speaks for itself, with a sublime kind of logic. This is a big deal, as White will now be largely responsible for imbuing the film with much of its spirit and general “feeling.” A lot of the “it” quality of any western comes from its score, and I couldn’t think of a more interesting and passionately talented musician to handle such a duty. Asking Jack White to put some soul into a dusty, seemingly wryly humored western –blockbuster though it may be — makes at least as much sense as linking Trent Reznor to stories of grim genius or icy cold criminal investigation.

Also, having just a few weeks ago finally joined the Rango train (and hard), I’m all about an ambitious Gore Verbinski western, no matter how silly it sounds from secondhand budget item reports. Mark me down as officially excited for this project, now that it will have this wailing, singing icing on the cake.


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