I’ve been a big fan of Dexter since I blind bought the first 2 seasons that were nearly new (the second season hadn’t even been opened!) from a pawn shop. I’d heard of the show, but really had no big interest in it. Getting the 2 seasons for a cheap price turned out to be great, as I became addicted to the show, and even though I don’t have Showtime (or cable for that matter) I started getting each season when it was immediately released on disc.

I still haven’t seen season 6 of the show, but from what I’ve read it’s got a game changer season ending.

Now it’s been revealed that the mighty Ray Stevenson has been cast in a multi episode arc as a Russian gangster who goes to Miami to find who killed one of his guys. I’m hoping that the “multi episode” part means that he’s going to be “The Big Bad” of the season. This show has always cast great actors in guest starring roles, and for the most part, each guest star has a pretty substantial role in the season they guest star in, (the exception being Peter Weller who was completely wasted in season 5. You don’t do that to Weller!)

Ray Stevenson is not an actor that you waste in a guest starring role. I’ve been a fan of his since I saw The Punisher: War Zone and Outpost,and if you haven’t seen Kill The Irishman, you should check it out. The man oozes charisma,and even in a large supporting role like in The Book Of Eli, he is great. Plus he whistles the main theme from Once Upon A Time In America in that movie.

source: bloody-disgusting