DevilLet there be no doubt- Shawn Levy is putting food on the table. Recently announced as helming the naughty but loveable labradour flick Marley & Me, speedy guy biography The Flash and some untitled project, Levy has added producer to the plate.

Levy, in association with 20th Century Fox, is guiding the adaptation of children’s book The Devil You Know. The treatment will be written by busybodies Steve Bencich and Ron J. Friedman, who seem to have more treatments lately than seems healthy.

The Devil You Know tells the story of a problem most everyone’s familiar with- you know, when you have your own personal devil running around the house and causing trouble. I mean, which one of us hasn’t called up an alternate devil to kick the little bastard out and move in to take its place, only to discover the little devil we sent back to hell was a walk in the park compared to the new hag (Ms. Phisto- clever!) and all the demons she brings with her?

Devil looks like a ripe target for GGI lobotimization, but Levy and crew are developing the film as live-action family fare in the vein of Night at the Musuem. I guess you can take that as good or bad, depending on your level of passion for family fare.