Hawke’s one of those guys who seems to have little trouble moving back and
forth between big time studio pics and indies without compromising himself much
for either. His low-key, laidback style makes him a pliable presence that works
for a lot of material, especially ensemble films. Although he has a number of
them in his on-deck circle already, he just added a new one from the gentleman
who wrote the remake of Assault on Precinct 13, which of
course Hawke also starred in.

Staten Island is a multi-tale drama by writer James Monaco (making his
directorial debut here) that follows three residents of the titular borough
through their lives and their struggles to make a way for themselves. There’s
no word yet on who the other two are, but personally I don’t think you can do a

movie without at least one Wu-Tang member present. Since it’s a drama, I’d say
you have to go RZA or Method Man. You don’t want to leave heavy material like
this up to the likes of U-God or Inspectah Deck. No sir, you do not.

Filming is scheduled to begin on location in late April.