Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 (I love writing that) lenses in a month, meaning there’s a wealth of casting announcements in the lead up. Last week it was Ben Kingsley playing an unspecified villain, yesterday came the rumor that Jessica Chastain is up for another unspecified role. Now comes Variety’s report that Guy Pearce (next seen in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus) is coming on board to play a geneticist by the name of Aldrich Killian.

Killian, for those unfamiliar with the comics, was one-half the creator of Extremis – a nanotech serum designed to replicate the Super Solider Serum. It worked almost as a reverse virus, infecting Tony’s blood stream and improving him physically (super healing) as well as mentally (light speed thought, comics). It also led to an armor upgrade, one that interacted with Tony’s newfound abilities.

The Extremis arc in the book was decent, but the villains leave a little to be desired. Which is why Killian’s casting is interesting, as it alludes to adherence to the material beyond just gutting the concept. And good for Pearce, who seems primed to make an impact here in the states again.

Iron Man 3’s rocket boots land May 3rd, 2013.