It’s still seems to be shot flatter than a pancake, but this G.I. JOE 2 trailer fills out the new characters a bit, expands on the decidedly silly plot, and starts tossing around money shots like candy. The story seems literally adapted from a 30 second, early-80s toy commercial, with the evil fake president blowing up all the Joes, and then old Joe gets involved, and then stuff. I keep expecting a wide shot of a kid crashing one of the tanks into a pyramid of translucent blocks. Still, The Rock is having fun, Bruce Willis is fun to watch not have fun, and Jonathan Pryce is barely containing a straight face as he delivers lines like “My fellow world leaders…”

The first film got one, very enjoyable theatrical viewing out of me, but if they capture that same tone of a kid’s playtoy story logic meets a little melodramatic grit, then this might be worth seeing once too.

Also, fuck a London.