Big thanks to CHUD contributor Mike Flynn (HunterTarantino on the message board) for posting this in The B-Action Thread and bringing it to my attention.

Last week I brought the news that Robert Rodriguez was drumming up interest in financing Machete Kills, the second of 3 proposed Machete films by wanting to cast Mel Gibson and Michelle Williams.

Now it seems that Melvin is pretty much a lock to be cast in the film. The source article’s title says he’s cast, and it’s mentioned he’s cast in the film towards the end of the article, but in the first paragraph it says he’s in “serious discussions”. I’d read that as “He just needs to sign, and unless something really screws up, he’s all in.”

This is certainly amazing news, as Get The Gringo is apparently a whole lot of fun (Gabe T. gave us a short review of the film in The B-Action Thread and basically said it’s a winner.) So it’s looking likely that Melvin is going to continue to bring us quality action and what better way than big budget exploitation starring Danny Trejo*? Here’s hoping he really gets unhinged and brings some manic lunacy. This is the perfect film to bring RIGGS UNBOUND or PORTER UNBOUND out and create some chaos. I mean, even Seagal had a bit of fun in the first one, and he’s usually Mr. Wooden.

*Funny story, Danny Trejo made an appearance last fall at a Haunted House called The Rotten Flesh Factory 2 towns over from where I live on a saturday. When myself and the wife (to be) were about to depart our house to go out in the early evening of that saturday, a limo passed our house on the way over there. So Danny Trejo may or may not have passed by my house. I want to think it was him. I know she would have been ecstatic. She loves him. Sly Stallone and Carlos Ray Norris, too.

source: deadline