I’m not sure if you’ve heard that the Giants won the Super Bowl last night. If you live in NYC, there’s no doubt that you knew, even if you were shut in an air-tight coffin buried under the subway lines. Why? Cause the place exploded in celebration like we had just stopped world hunger.

Eh, who am I kidding- that news wouldn’t have people out driving along honking their horns all night. Because that’s exactly what people were doing, for hours and hours.

So… what exactly is it that makes people think- hey! I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to drive around aimlessly while jamming on my horn! THIS MEANS I’M HAPPY! DO YOU HEAR THIS? THIS IS MY HAPPINESS EXPRESSED IN HORN FORM!

(the above is better if read out loud in Brian Regan’s stupid voice)

Eh, I don’t get it. Sure, it was a great game, but it’s not like any of these re-res had anything to do with it. Relax, you drunks.

I’m only half serious, cause I had a great time last night at a friend’s house. We’re realizing how old we’re getting because of one fact- how much food we had. We had literally tons. But alcohol? We were getting a little light on it later on in the night. Shows you how your priorities change… if this were 5 years ago we wouldn’t have even thought to stock the fridge with anything but beer.