and monsters. I believe it was during the filming of Alexander Nevsky that Sergei Eisenstein said that all cinema came down to sex and monsters, and Decoys: The Second Seduction certainly takes that lesson to heart.

Over the course of the next few days we’ll be bringing you plenty of exclusive Decoys 2 content, starting with these two exclusive clips from the direct to video sequel to Decoys, a sexy Canadian horror flick starring Nicole Eggert. I haven’t seen Decoys, and I understand that you don’t need to see that one to pick up the strands in the sequel, which has no Eggert but does feature my beloved Starship Trooper, Dina Meyer! It also stars Saw’s Tobin Bell, who really reminds me of Brion James. And yes, I mean James today, eight years after he died.

Decoys: The Second Seduction is about a group of college guys who start a contest to see who can nail the most hotties before the end of the semester. But when it turns out that their college has been infiltrated by totally bangin’ blonde alien babes their contest turns into a game of death! Except no Bruce Lee.

We have two clips for you today – I’m working on getting some saucier ones in the days to come. These are safe for work, except for the second one, which features the face of Tobin Bell. It also features a hot chick hitting on Tobin Bell, which may not be safe for sanity. The first clip, meanwhile, has one of the alien babes demonstrating her superpower – the ability to instantly turn into a dominatrix. Both clips are in Quicktime.

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This one may end up in a CHUD Essentials list a couple of decades from now.

Clip 1: Insta-leather!

Clip 2: Disrobing for Tobin