Spurlock’s just been churning out the docs lately, no? Even though The Greatest Movie Ever Sold had a pretty light impact (did it even make the money in theaters necessary to earn its Pom Wonderful sponsorship as presented in the film?), he’s still got web series (Yahoo!-based Failure Club), TV-style web series (Hulu-based A Day In The Life), and has only just recently released his Comic Con doc to VOD. His next feature, Mansome, just premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and seems like an attempt at another theatrical doc, though there are no dates or distribution plans I can yet find.

The trailer up above promises a fun look at the male hair situation, which has certainly morphed rapidly over the last couple of decades. Considering I’m currently rocking a bit of Manson-chic on my side of this laptop, I don’t feel like I’m currently imbued with the spirit of the doc, but it looks fascinating. It’s the right kind of topic for Spurlock- quirky enough to appeal to his humor with enough neat characteristics that he can teach us something without reaching too far. There looks to be plenty of fun cameos from guys like Zach Galafianakis and Paul Rudd, while Will Arnette and Jason Bateman serve as producers and featured subjects. EW has debuted a clip of the two sharing a shave and passively fucking with one another, which is good for a quick laugh…

I’d put it here, but shit autoplays as an embed, and fuck that. Hit the link to see it at EW.

If you’re inclined to keep up with the film, its Facebook page would likely be the best way of keeping up with it.

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