I missed the Asian Horror Movie train completely. I didn’t buy a ticket. I didn’t show up at the station. I didn’t even check the schedule. I can understand why the more cerebral thrills of these movies stood out amidst the lackadaisical traditional teen horror flicks coming from the US several years back.  But surely, the constant reframing of ghost stories based in different gimmicks like houses, videotapes, The Internet, and water must get tiresome. Spirits can’t be that frightening, can they?

No, but they can be profitable, so this trend shows no signs of slowing as long as the dough keeps rolling in. Thus, Fox is doing a remake of a Thai horror film called Shutter. It’s the story of a couple on their honeymoon who begin to see ghastly images in their photos as well as around them. For the American version, the story will stay in Tokyo with a young American couple (Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor) as the focus. Going along for the ride will be James Kyson Lee AKA Ando from Heroes, as well as John Hensley (Nip/Tuck) and David Denman (The Office).

I’m going to take a crazy guess and say that some pasty-faced, weird-moving Asian boys and/or girls show up and flitter about at the margins of the screen as our couple shivers in terror trying to figure away to help these spirits to rest in peace. Just a shot in the dark, but who knows, huh?