Road Crew.Men in Black, meet C.H.U.D.. C.H.U.D. meet Men in Black. M.I.B, C.H.U.D.,proceed to copulate.

Not to sully the CHUD name there, but Dreamworks has picked up what’s being called an "action-comedy" spec script called The Secret Lives of Road Crews. See, all those times you’re driving and dead-stopped in traffic while you watch a bunch of guys milling around empty bulldozers as one guy mans the jackhammer– they’re not loafing. No, they’re the thin orange line protecting you from the threat of Locust and an Earthen Emergence Day. Thus goes the spec script anyway.

So, like I said, it’s kind of a Men in Black meets cannibalistic humanoid undergrounders, but instead of humans, they’re aliens. I guess that would make a C.H.A.D. Or something.

Sounds like a project bordering on terrible or fun. As usual… we shall see.

The script was written by prolific stuntman, director, actor and writer TJ Scott and his scribe partner Kevin Lund, both of who wrote the upcoming bio-pic Vivialdi and a few choice episodes of the jiggly Cleopatra 2525.