BaronThe Baron Cohen name is getting a cardiovascular workout these days. Sasha Baron Cohen is becoming a household name thanks to the big fat success of Borat, and Borat cousin Ash Baron Cohen has been running the entertainment treadmill as well. I was going to make some off the cuff remark about how it pays to know one Sasha Baron Cohen, but cousin Ash Baron Cohen has been a filmmaker on his own merit since at least 1995, directing films like The Confession and This Girls Life. I’m sure he’s make benefit from glorious Borat movie, but the guy’s been writing, composing and directing for over 10 years, so it’s not like his next project is handout.

He’s teaming with a script written by schlock-horror vet Trent Haaga called Poor Things, which builds off recent bad granny headlines involving insurance embezzlement and senior citizen murder.

Shirley MacLaine is starring and producing, while Olympia Dukakis is currently in talks for the lead. If you’ve seen the critically lauded Jane Austin’s Mafia!, you know Dukakis she can kick ass with the best of the wrinklies- jogging suit, hair dye and all.