E3 is in a weird state right now. The huge videogame expo doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow although there are a bunch of events going on here and there today (as you already knew from Russ’ coverage).

I managed to completely miss Microsoft’s press conference thanks to a plane delayed by a freak thunderstorm that literally started hitting hard just as we were about to take off. (Nothing like sitting on a plane for a couple of hours just waiting. But that’s a rant for another blog…)

Anyway, I’m sitting in the only food joint still open, having just eaten an incredibly overpriced cheeseburger and bullshitted with Jay from Talking About Games, who managed to make me feel even worse about the stuff I missed, showing me pictures and shwag he got from the event. Microsoft’s got some strong stuff coming up, and I can’t wait to see how Sony counters it.

The whole convention center reeks of paint and new posters. It’s obvious that they’re nowhere near done finished setting things up, and while I snooped around walking over sheets of bubble tape I had to restrain myself from peeking in every door and opening up the big cases lying around everywhere. I saw posters for a ton of new games (like that horrible looking Castlevania) and even got an early glimpse at the art for the Into the Pixel (http://www.intothepixel.com) art gallery that’s going on tonight.

But for now, time for a cigarette while I get my bearings. EA press conference in two hours!