overcame some long odds to become the governor of
California. He’s survived many challenges
since. He rebounded from the outright rejection of his definitive ballot
initiatives to take the state in a different direction. He’s taken the lead on
some of the most important issues of our day from healthcare to stem cells without
waiting for the Republican leadership or the Prez to give the go ahead. Indeed, Arnold
Schwarzenegger is a man who has crushed many enemies, seen them driven before
him, and heard many a lamentation. But even he cannot beat back the one
inescapable force in this world after death and before taxes: The Hollywood

he’s contractually bound to at least make an appearance in future Terminator
movies, and as Terminator 4 is tentatively moving ahead, he may be swept along
for a brief cameo or something or other. The head of MGM, Harry Sloan, told The
Boston Herald
such recently. He also confirmed that they’re looking for
a new main Terminator. I’m not moved one way or the other. T3 was entertaining
enough, but I don’t think the T-800 is essential going forward in anything
other than exoskeleton form, and it’s not like Arnie is in prime shape anyway.
At best, I can only hope for a situation like Sean Connery when they roped him
into a bewildering role in the second Highlander, where his
Spanish/Egyptian gentleman character had suddenly gained magical abilities.