Trek!Press Releases, as a whole, are pretty dumb. I’ve written my fair share and they’re full of self-congratulatory ass-rubbing, weiner measuring, boilerplates and othe frivilous fluff. But hey man, it’s spoon-fed information and if it’s slightly relevant, PRs get eaten up. Which, in the end, is a good thing for everybody, since the intern market would be cut by half if Press Releases were ever given the boot.

So chest-pounding aside, amidst all the crap there’s usually a nugget or two you can pull out, and the latest nugget from a recent Paramount Star Trek XI release will have Kirk’s sugarplums dancing in many a pointy-eared head.

Now that JJ Abrams is for sure directing and a cast is beaming aboard (what a pun- ugh) as we speak, Paramount is giving word that shooting for Star Trek XI will begin this fall and will release its finished and revisioned (sort of) product upon nerdtopia on Christmas Day 2008.

That’s a nice little Christmas present for Trek faithful, but will it be coal or a Christmas miracle? All this rehash of the same characters, just younger, has me all bored but I’m still putting my faith in the reboot spirit.

Don’t let us down, JJ.