Speaking of Danny Boyle (
Ponte Tower), his new movie Sunshine has revelaed itself a US poster.

And it’s incredibly uninspired. I saw this poster and it was for Zathura. Or Armegeddon. Or any other heroes walking toward you with their objective in the background. Shoot- it even reminds me of that crazy NASCAR on the rings of Saturn commercial that aired in the NFL finals. It’s crappy, man. Crappy. (There’s another Sunshine poster out there for worldwide consumption and it’s not so crappy- see it here).

Ah, well. Danny Boyle’s got it going on in the directorial department and almost always delivers some twist on the genre he’s toying with, so even if the poster is flat, the trailer says the film will be otherwise.

Of course, the UK folks (and generally everyone else in the world) will get to be the judge of that in just a month, while we US folks get to cool our heels until some unannouned date this fall (Touche!).