I wouldn’t have figured Rodriguez would have much trouble convincing his old Sin City cast-members to fly out to Austin and pose in front of green screens for a couple of days, but there’s still a big checklist for the production to reassemble. While I haven’t picked up on any particularly strong vibes of demand for this sequel (at least, in the last five years), I’ll grant that if they’re going to do it I would hope they’d at least manage a consistent roster.

According to a rundown over at Film Stage, we’ve gotten roundabout confirmation in one form or another for three key actors- Michael Madsen, Rosario Dawson, and Mickey Rourke.

Madsen (who delivered one of the most conceivably phoned-in performances ever put to film in Sin City) spoke for himself in an interview that revealed there will be some sort of cast announcement panel once they’ve assembled for filming (Marvel style!). Rourke and Rosario’s involvement come secondhand, but through co-director Robert Rodriguez, who assures us they’re both super “pumped” to be involved. While I’d trust him to know, I don’t trust Mickey Rourke for anything more than a “go fuck yourself” until his scenes are in the can, ya know?

Obviously some of these characters were left…. not alive at the conclusion of the last film, but Frank Miller’s timeline tends to bounce all over the place and allow for lots of return roles and cameos. Clive Owen is still a major puzzle piece that remains unconfirmed, but is he doing anything that important? He’ll be back.

The film shoots this summer, so expect plenty of new bits and pieces to fall into place in the next few weeks.

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