This new (domestic?) trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis is a nice expansion of the trailer we’ve seen before, although it’s doing unnecessary work at this point. I’m seeing this damn movie at first opportunity, and with exactly as much silly desperation that one would reserve for a blockbuster midnight show.

Oh, and though it appears to be a more traditional trailer, do be aware it at points treads on being NSFW.

I love that this somehow looks like a late-80s movies, even while featuring touch-screens and lots of talk of “the new millennium.” Actually, come to think of it, talking about “the new millennium” is exactly a late-80s and 90s thing to do, as I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone mention that concept in ten years. We just kind of crossed that threshold and forgot, as the internet and iPhones and Facebook and dying newspapers turned everything into a media and technological blur. In any event, the film still looks fucking cool, Pattinson seems very well chosen, and I couldn’t be more excited to see an interesting character do a bunch of interesting shit while guided by the unseen hand of an interesting filmmaker. I look at this and simply think, “Catching Fire..? Please.”


Also, I realize Cosmopolis has no United States release dates (it’s debuting at Cannes), but I’m sick of seeing Cronenberg trailers in skitchy quality by way of weird embeds before they get US release dates. A nice clean YouTube embed would do the job guys, at least until your pretty iTunes Trailers page goes up.

Ether way, let’s get a date and let’s do this already!

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