Relatively inexpensive CGI family films have been the cinematic growth story of the past couple of years. Once a cool-looking curiosity, these babies have all but monopolized the family film marketplace, and as long as you can rope up a few name actors to do voices and can recycle an old story into a new one featuring talking cars, toys, robots, or animals, you got a pretty good chance at making some dough. You don’t even have to go theatrical anymore to do it, either.

The latest in this onslaught comes from a revitalized shingle called HandMade Films International. You may remember that quiet Beatle George Harrison started it in the 70’s, and the company went on to produce Life of Brian, Time Bandits, and Mona Lisa among several other films before grinding to a halt a few years back. Now, they’re back in action and have a full slate of projects in the pipeline. In a stroke of genius that will interest no one but myself and maybe six other unfortunate people, they partnered with Lionsgate to make the 5th Highlander movie (a supposedly "rough edit" of which leaked on the Internet a little while ago. I’ve seen it, and zoinks, is it terrible).

Aaaaanyway, they just snapped up a new script for a CGI movie from Shrek writer Joe Stillman called Planet One. The film takes place on an alien world not unlike Earth during the 50’s complete with paranoia about UFOs and aliens. But when a human astronaut lands there, their worst fears are confirmed and life lessons are learned, I’m sure.

The film is to be directed by Jorge Blanco, one of the lead artists on the Commandos videogame series, and already opportunities for a Planet One videogame and cell phone content deal are underway. Gotta love that corporate synergy!