Lame.Nothing like a non-descript High School comedy built as a starring vehicle for teen heartthrob-thing Zac Efron (um…who?) and the people who know him. Apparently, I’m way too far removed from the Tiger beat.

New Line has just acquired an untitled pitch written by comedy mastermind Jason Filardi (Bringing Down the House and upcoming Gangsta M.D.– hilarious!). The project was being bid on by Sony as well, but crafty New Line negotiators beat those suckers out.

There’s no director attached or plot details to whet your pre-adolescent appetite, but know that you get the producing power of Adam Shankman (director of the upcoming Hairspray) and Jennifer Gibgot. Combined, they brought you the controversial family drama Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and gritty (sub) urban case study The Pacifier. Their power compells you.