The original: Scanners.
The remake director: Darren Lynn Bousman.
The remake writer: David Goyer.
The exploding head: mine.

I should just leave it at that. What else is there to say when Dimension hires the Saw III and IV director to helm another movie, regardless of what it is? Giving the project the benefit of the doubt, however, at least Dimension production head Richard Saperstein seems to get that the film isn’t all about exploding heads. Quoth (well, paraphraseth) Variety: [the] original had a memorable paranoia theme. And since there have already been forgettable sequels to Cronenberg’s original, this remake might look reasonable in comparison. We won’t know until next year, when work gets under way.

If nothing else, maybe Cronenberg will get a few bucks out of a successful outing. Then someone can finally put that Fast Company remake into production.