While Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin were on board pretty much from the start of Jason Reitman’s next project — titled Labor Day — the director has taken much more time to select his third lead. This is because the role calls for a small child from whose eyes much of the film’s story is seen, so the choice of a young actor on which to hang the thriller has likely been a tough one. Reitman has settled on young Gattlin Griffin though, who you may recognize from The Changeling, or as baby Green Lantern.

Griffin joins a film that appears to be quite a stretch for Reitman who, though he certainly branched out from his cleanly quirky style with the rougher-around-the-edges Young Adult, has never challenged himself with something like an outright thriller. In this case the story invokes a child’s perspective to tell the story of a single mother who unknowingly takes in an escaped convict, falling in love with him as she slowly discovers the danger surrounding him.

Along with young Griffin, James Van Der Beek has also joined the cast as a cop that I assume will be on Brolin’s character’s trail in some way or another.

Still no word on when cameras roll, but I assume if the kid’s deal goes through then they’ll get started shortly.

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Source | THR