Never would I have expected to pine for a universe where I could push time past the point at which Darren Aronofsky — a truly favorite filmmaker of mine — has completed his decade-in-the-making Biblically epic passion project so that I may see his next film faster, but this project sounds too amazing for me to not want to see it today (or sooner).

You see, word is that Aronofsky — by way of his own Protozoa Pictures — is shopping around a George Washington-centered project described as having more in common with Unforgiven than a typical biopic. Paramount is eying the project, with a deal expected to be made quickly with them or one of the many other interested studios. The script is from Bill Collage and Adam Cooper, neither of which have anything of this sort under their belt.

Does this excite anyone else as much as it does me? A particular fondness for American Revolutionary history is part of the reason the HBO series John Adams remains one my absolute favorite film experience of any kind. This further leads me to shout to whoever that will listen that no production is likely to ever do better than to bring David Morse on to reprise the role he fucking owned with incomparably quiet dignity in that series. If you haven’t happened to give that series a watch, do yourself the favor and pick it up quick. Morse’s performance isn’t the only thing that will blow you away, but it’s definitely one of the big ones.

Of course, more interesting than any one casting fan wank is the possibility of seeing one of this nation’s most revered figures interpreted with some weight and gravitas. Fortunately, as our other most revered president’s image is roughly fucked in the ass by the stony-faced cheese-fest that is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunterthis summer, we have the long awaited Spielberg biopic

Fuck it.

in the wings. But while we could use a little bit of straightforward, dignified polish on our historical busts — which I’m sure the Beard’s film will provide — I’d also be quite interested in a more exploratory, and perhaps poetic look at that kind of a figure.

Washington is certainly a worthy subject for such a project. While the context of his time leaves him saddled with the unfortunate baggage of many powerful figures of the day, Washington was undoubtedly the proper man for many a job that allowed this country to start off stable footings. His character as a leader of Revolution and as the first and most unifying President in our country’s history remains unchallenged. We don’t see the kind of quiet, reserved sense of duty from our leaders anymore- perhaps an example of such a thing would be more valuable to us now than cheap memes blown up to blockbuster scale.

Either way, I’m profoundly excited and hope this becomes Aronofsky’s follow up to Noah. While it’s said the director is “eager to make” this film, it should be noted he’s got a few others in his hopper across several studios. A Judy Garland biopic starring Anne Hatheway is set up with the Weinstein’s, while Warner Brothers and Fox have a sci-fi project and Jacki O biopic waiting for him respectively. We should hear about deal being made within a week, though the director’s ultimate decision may be much farther off.

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Source | Variety (via Dark Horizons)