Unicorns are ____________.Unicorns rock. Whether they’re bouncing off rainbows, adorning black velvet paintings, the folders of fifth grade girls or the gaudy websites of way too many lonely, 38-year-old women, unicorns equal super-magical. So where have the movies been? I remember Legend having unicorns, I remember The Last Unicorn — shoot, even Anchorman took a bold crack at unicorn-inspired sex. Still, the white horse with the cotton candy cone coming out of its forehead remains sadly underrepresented at the Agoogle-plex.

And yet, every once in a while, a special film comes around that’s filled with so much magic, you wonder if there’s a unicorn in there somewhere. Films like Babel. Or Slither.

Lucky for us, Nick Movies has decided to forego the magic of unicorns in the periphery and shoot straight for the money-maker. They’ve picked up a spec script about a Unicorn in Manhattan. Or, at least, a 5-year-old’s desire (ie- incessant whining) to get a unicorn out of her work-driven father in Manhattan. Appropriately, the title of the script is Unicorn.

No word yet on rainbows, big fluffy clouds or lonely, 38-year-old women.