Danny Boyle has always needed to make a sci-fi picture, if only because he uses Brian Eno’s sountrack to For All Mankind more thoughoughly than even that film’s director did.

Watching the latest clip and trailer for Sunshine, Boyle’s apparently massive excursion into space, I’m more curious than ever to see what’s come of his reunion with writer Alex Garland. The original trailer just gave up the basic plot: the sun is dying, and a crew has traveled to the orb in an attempt to reignite it.

While the latest clip on the Sunshine site (‘Mercury’) has exactly the sense of wonder you’d expect from Boyle, it’s the latest trailer (‘Kaneda’) that has me incredibly riled to see this movie. The new advert really makes it look as if Boyle didn’t so much pass up the option to make another Alien movie as sneak off to do it his own way. I couldn’t forget while watching this that one title for Alien was The 8th Passenger. If Boyle has really fused Scott, Kubrick and Tarkovsky, as it appears, you won’t be able to pry me away from his movie when it hits later this year. Hell, you wouldn’t be able to, anyway.

Watch the clip ‘Mercury’

Watch the new trailer ‘Kaneda’