Key to the cast of any wannabe Carrie remake isn’t just who they cast in the central role — though they made an excellent decision in that regard — it’s also a matter of properly filling the part of Carrie’s nuts, fundamentalist mother. It was Piper Laurie who originated the role in the 1976 film, transforming Stephen King’s character into a vicious on-screen presence, and today it represents the opportunity for including another interesting name in this remake cast.

If rumors are true that Julianne Moore is in close talks with the production to snag the part, then it looks like they’ll have done their job there too.

Director Kimberly Peirce’s production has cast young Chloe Grace-Moretz (Kick Ass, Hugo) as the telekinetically-gifted youth who ends up serving a dish of extremely warm revenge after growing tired of abuse at home and in her high school, and Moore would take on the duty of providing much of that abuse. She’d definitely be a stellar choice, and more than enough of a name to lend this remake even more credibility. Hopefully this negotiation goes through, as the other rumored choice has been Jodie Foster, and that woman’s voice and I have beef.

Thoughts on the casting? Did you have anyone else in mind?

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Source | Bloody-Disgusting (via Collider)