Well they’re not exactly breaking new ground with “down-looking drama headshot” or “dynamic building-side stretch,” but at least these final(ish) Amazing Spider-Man posters are clean and memorable (at least, the first one is). Essentially these read like low-key versions of familiar imagery, and if you care to take that metaphor and run with it all around Marc Webb’s grittier, darker Spidey reboot, be my guest. They’ve certainly made it easy.

Nick reported on the international trailer earlier today, and there wasn’t anything particularly new there either. While they haven’t stretched the marketing too far amidst the noise of The Avengers, I still feel like they’ve given us the long and the short of what they’ve made. Now all that remains is to see if the story is told particularly well, or if there do happen to be any fun surprises.

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Source | Yahoo! (via BAD)