It’s a shame Duncan Jones didn’t manage to shift from indie to studio scifi with the apparent grace that Rian Johnson has managed. That’s not a fair comparison, considering Jones moved to Source Code so quickly after Moon while Johnson has been on the fringe for years. Still Looper looks and sounds spectacular, and really represents the ideal of what we’d want to happen when any exciting filmmaker moves into the big leagues, so to speak.

Did you enjoy the trailer as much as I did last week? Well now you get to experience a small fraction of that first excitement again by watching the trailer with a fresh set of eyes- provided by Johnson himself! MTV got him to do a brief commentary atop the trailer, and in it he speaks about JGL and Willis working together as well as promising great things from Emily Blunt. Take a look.

It’s funny he promises even more of a connection to Willis from Gordon-Levitt’s performance than just make-up, because I already feel like I’m hearing subtle voice and performance cues that evoke ole Bruno. Regardless, I’ve got mad faith- I would never suspect JGL of skimping out on an opportunity like this.

It’s going to be a tough wait til September 28th for this film about “mob hitman in the year 2042 assassinates targets that arrive from the future of 2072. For him it’s just a job… till he receives a new target: himself from the future. “

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Source | MTV (via /Film)