you’ve ever looked at Lena Headey’s ass and said, ‘I could eat a meal off that,’ you are very much in luck today, my friend. We’re giving away another round of 300 goodies, including a set of four collectable 300 plates, perfect for the nights you’re dining in hell.

300 opens next week and I want to wait to catch it in Imax before I drop my review, but I will tease you with this – it’s a visual spectacular. Zack Snyder has adapted Frank Miller’s graphic novel into a movie that is a vibrant, vivid experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a unique movie that looks to defy all boundaries.

To get geared up for the release of 300 we’re giving away some awesome prizes, including the aforementioned plates and a copy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s 300 March to Glory game for the PSP and an autographed poster!

Here’s the full list of prizes:

3 "Tonight We Dine in Hell" Black Tees

3 Black Caps Embroidered with 300 Title Art in front and The Immortal Mask in back

1 Special Edition Soundtrack CD

2 Regular Edition Soundtrack CDs

(300 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring the innovative score by Tyler Bates will be released on March 6th as a regular edition CD as well as a Special Edition CD with deluxe artwork including 3 two-sided trading cards and a 16 page full color booklet.)

Grand Prize – 1 Set of 4, Very Limited 8" Ceramic Collector’s

Grand Prize – 1 Cast Autographed Theater Poster

Grand Prize – 1 "300 March to Glory" PSP Video Game (Go beyond the movie and lead 300 warriors in a heroic fight to the death against Xerxes’ massive
Persian army!)

Holy crap! Here’s how this works: You can win one grand prize, and one of each of the previously listed prizes – ie, you end up with a PSP game, a shirt, a cap and a soundtrack (randomly chosen). We’ll have three winners. How will they win?

Simple. Send me an email to with DINE IN HELL in the subject line. Include your name, mailing address, whether or not you have a PSP, and the answer to the following question:

You don’t get to lead 300 Spartans to battle – you get to lead 3 fictional action movie characters. Which three do you take with you to glory?

Send your answers in now! One entry per email address. ‘300’ to 43892 to get fierce content for your phone: tones,
graphics, the Mobile Mass Combat game!

Standard data and text messaging rates apply.