I had a lot of fun with Machete when I saw it opening night back in 2010. It was good old fashioned exploitation with CGI added in, but still a good time at the movies. Plus it had one of the most bizarre cast of actors ever. Who ever thought that a movie would star De Niro, Don Johnson, and STEVEN SEAGAL? In a theatrical film no less?

Well now it seems that Rodriguez wants to keep that going since the latest news is that he’s at Cannes trying to drum up financing for Machete Kills, and 2 of the names he’s spouting out are Michelle Williams and Mel Gibson.

I like this. Rodriguez has gotten stars before, and this is something that Melvin could really use. Get The Gringo looks to be a lot of fun, and this is something else that Gibson could do to have fun, and continue to show us that he’s still a solid and viable actor. So here’s hoping that he actually goes for the film.

source: collidor