Since it’s already set that the new Alex Murphy will be played by Joel Kinnaman (I still have no idea who the hell this guy is.) the only thing to make this better, would be to have some name actors in the supporting cast, and according to the source website, Edward Norton, Gael Garcia Bernal, a young lass named Rebecca Hall, and Sean Penn are rumored to be circling roles.

This gets my brain thinking in what roles the actors may be. I mean, Sean Penn could be Dick Jones, but he’d also be perfect as Clarence Boddicker, same goes for Edward Norton. Both of them are interchangeable. It would also be cool to see Gael Garcia Bernal as Bob Morton, The Father Of Robocop.

I’m surprised that Wagner Moura, the star of both Elite Squads that Jose Padilha did (see them, the first is really damn awesome) hasn’t at least been rumored for a role in the film, but it’s still early in the game, and he could always do a cameo as the “FUCK ME!” guy who is Robocop’s first take down, or even Sal the drug dealer.

Either way, this is all speculation thus far, but it would be really cool to see if any of them actually sign on. Especially Norton and Penn.

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source: cinemablend