Thank God that Devin runs the site most days now…this review just goes to show why I never read CHUD before he took over.

First off, this movie is scary as crap. Everyone I know who’s seen it ends up terrified, screaming like little girls. This was true in the theater and at home…I’ve seen it with different people on the small screen and they find it every bit as terrifying as I did the first time I saw it. And these aren’t sissies—Cannibal Holocaust, George Romero, Takashi Miike, the psychological thrillers of Polanski, Kubrick, etc…we love it all.

The reason you couldn’t catch the movie is stated right in yr review –“An infidelity subplot that I didn’t even pay attention to upon first viewing isn’t even enough to make me give a damn.”

That’s not actually the subplot, numbskull, but the main plot. It’s the axis on which the whole film turns and on which all the emotional resonance is based. It wasn’t in neon, stated 50 times, or spelled out for folks like you…I guess it requires some intelligence and an attention span to catch it. Don’t dis the movie because you can’t keep up with it…the “one-dimensional” characters you talk about are full of secrets, lies, desires that are subtly hinted at all throughout the film.

Of course, I can understand how this great bit of filmmaking can’t live up to your expectations—you’re the dude who’s trying to make a movie about a giant, prehistoric shark, after all. I guess the title “Jaws 2” is taken, but maybe Jaws (squared)? Anyway, maybe go back to focusing on that piece of crap instead of the site. It does better when yr not there…

Nick: Fella, you need to see more movies and die.



Last night I went to see Pan’s Labyrinth, and I must say that I absolutely love it. Like most American moviegoers, I look at foreign films with a weary eye. Why go see a movie where I have to read subtitles? Although some of my favorite films are Cinema Paradiso and Hero. But my point is that I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, despite the subtitles. I was also surprised about how the movie wasn’t entirely "fantasy". I walked in there expecting this full fledged fantasy film, and what I got was something so different. I didn’t expect the movie to go into this storyline of how the captain is going to be assassinated by these rebels, etc., etc. So in that respect, it was a great surprise to see the movie didn’t entirely go the fantasy route.

Thanks for pimping the movie and letting it shine over some of the other movies that have come out in the past couple of weeks. Thanks for the recommendations, not just by you, but by everyone on the site. It’s a great time to read what all you recommend. Keep it up; you all are truly one of a kind.

Nick: Much appreciated. It seems now that our insatiable lust for Pan’s Labyrinth was hardly unique.

Where’s the Letters? (SEND A LETTER)


Haven’t seen any Leak Letters recently. I was wondering if you just don’t receive the necessary volume of letters to keep it afloat or what. Love those, as well as your Piss and Vinegar columns…which are sorely missed, but I’m sure require much time and work on your part. It’s a shame more people don’t write in to give their kudos to your site. It’s a daily stop for me.

Also, it seems Devin is being somewhat more friendly on the boards, or at least tolerable of others’ opinions, for once. Whatever you said to rein him in has been noticed and appreciated by several members. He’s still not funny, but he has solid tidbits here and there (anyone who doesn’t find Moltisanti funny is someone who must view the world through very sad eyes).

Keep up the continued good work.

Nick: I don’t get enough interesting letters to make this the weekly column I’d like it to be, but even when it was, there’s only so much you can expect from a letters column. Suffice it to say, I’m happy to stagger them out on whatever schedule thge readers disctate. As for Devin, he is more friendly on the boards and he’s only going to get more friendly in the coming weeks. You’ll see why soon enough.

Raspberry for Strawberry. (RESPONSE TO THIS ARTICLE) (SEND A LETTER)


That little Sundance article by Josh Strawberry was terrible. The guy starts 
out by calling himself a "redneck yokel" who likes Armageddon,
then proceeds
to trash David Gordon Green's films, and then the entire genre of Musicals.
At that point I had to stop reading his article. Perhaps he should be on Transformers
Review duties instead of the movies for adults. I hated that article, Nicko - but that's OK,
I'm sure it was all Faraci's doing, not yours.

Nick: Sorry you didn’t like it. Did you like this?



I laughed my ass off (at work no less) when you suggested the Chipmonks 
should cover Danzig's Lucifuge album. I just happened to be listening to
that exact album at the time. I can just imagine Long Way Back >From
Hell or Snakes of Christ as done by Alvin and the Boys. Alvin, more creepy Elvis
please. Alvin? AAALLLLVVIIIINNNN!!!!!

Nick: Surprisingly, that little article got a decent response. There’s something really weird about my memories of them old animated cocksuckers. I can’t hate them, despite my every fibre screaming for it.

We’re On Point. (SEND A LETTER)


Just a quick e-mail. I’ve been a loyal Chewer since 2001 or so, and "Mr. Sodium" on the messageboards since 2002, so let me get the "CHUD is my favorite web site &c. &c." and "keep up the great work, everyone &c. &c." out of the way.

I definitely have been glad to see a little more coverage of TV, books, and video games recently. I know that the frequency of these articles are a function of available writers times free time, but it’s nice to have more CHUDization of more stuff. I’ve been insanely busy this year (PhD thesis, new job, new baby girl), so I haven’t been able to see many movies at all. Having said that, it’s great to have CHUD around so I know which movies I haven’t seen to get frustrated about not being nominated for an Oscar. Lastly: "James and the Giant Keach" should be etched onto a gold disk and affixed to the next probe NASA sends into outer space.

Nick: I’d like you to contact Ryan (the guy from the top of this article) and inspire him. Thanks for the nice words. When I’m rich and famous I’ll buy you a spongebath.

The Descent. (SEND A LETTER)


It’s disappointing and especially after showing some promise at certain point, so much potential. Like you said, when the bar is so low, it’s fairly easy to look good. Well, Behind the Mask is bound to show up in my little corner of North America soon enough.

Nick: Thanks. I was surprised how much hate I got even when I made a point to discuss how much I like Neal Marshall and how I didn’t want to dislike the film, but still… you have to really set yourself apart in a film like that and it’s been done better. Much better.

Bentley Mitchum. (SEND A LETTER)


I spoke to Wes Bentley last night as he was coming outside of Marquee in NYC for the Ghost Rider after party. I asked him if he recorded his commentary for the American Beauty: 10th Anniversary DVD. He told me he was just discussing that last week with them.

P.S. Do you need any more reporters?

Nick: I think we’re cool on reporters, though the fact you felt Wes Bentley was worth approaching conveys a tenacity beyond belief.

Curse of the Demonic. (SEND A LETTER)


I really dig your site…I was hoping you could help me out with a question on the 1957 film "Curse of the Demon", not sure if you remember this one, starring Dana Andrews as Dr. Holden. I remember seeing the film a while back, but I’m having trouble renting it and I need help for a trivia contest.

Do you know what the name of the arcane text that Dr. Holden is trying to locate? I need the complete title, so it might be long.

Thanks for the help in advance! Keep up the good work.

Nick: The True Discovery of Witches and Demons.

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