Zombie’s Halloween remake has been filming for a couple of weeks now, and Bloody Disgusting has been all over it, even heading over to share the first pictures of the new Myers house. Now they have a very cool exclusive scoop [note: oops, it ain’t exclusive – it’s from Halloween’s MySpace page!]– the first pictures of Michael Myers, both as a kid (in his Kurt Cobain phase) and as a big ol’ killer.

The new mask looks… exactly like the old one. What’s interesting is how Tyler Man doesn’t look insanely big or bulky in this picture. Obviously it might be different when he’s up against a teenager in a shot, but I think that people who were worried about SuperMichael can relax – Zombie seems to have cast the guy to be physically looming, not to be a hulked out monster, and it’s working.

Head over to Bloody Disgusting for the picture of young Mikey and more of the Killer Michael shot.