It’s rather relieving to be able to bring you some legitimate, professional production still from The Dark Knights Rises after too long seeing things driven by licensing art and the like. As we saw yesterday, promotion has kind of gotten away from WB as we get our best looks at these characters and Nolan’s new world through the lens of standee art or whatever. Not cool. There are only magazine scans from the same EW issue boasting the typically shitty cover image, but still better than these throwaway images that have been surfacing.

There’s nothing particularly revelatory in these shots, but you’re getting more looks at Bane, Batman, Catwoman, etc. as they are in the actual film, which is like a huge breath of fresh air at this point.

"Some fucker's losing his sack tonight. I was told there'd be some mutha fuckin' nip in this safe..."

Recoiling from the colorful image of a sketched cock, Batman's shame is palpable as he once again falls victim to a Draw Something prank from Bane.

"See Bane's vest! See Bane's vest! Made from real Gotham's best!"

"That your step-granddaughter I see in there? Now that's more like it Mr. Wayne."

Strangely, this is the frame that secured the film a PG-13 for "sensusality" from the MPAA.

APPLICABLE TO EVERY SHOT/CLIP/FRAME OF JGL SO FAR: "Shitshitshitshitshit, where is the set? They said Studio B but that's back behind the other building. Shit. Do I go left past this door..? Shitshitshit."

Source | Batman News (via Dark Horizons)