Its hard to believe that Sin City came out back in 2005, but it has indeed been 7 years since it came out. I’d known about the comic property for years, but it wasn’t until I found a few issues for sale that prompted me to pick up all the available issues and trade paperbacks. The movie itself was literally the comic turned into film with only a few minor changes.

Now it’s been announced that Rodriguez is finally going to make Sin City 2, titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

For those in the know, A Dame To Kill For is the second Sin City arc that features Marv in a supporting role, and turns the leading role over to a gent named Dwight (the same character from The Big Fat Kill segment in the first film) who falls for the titular character and all kinds of evil shit goes down in the name of this woman who is not what she seems.

According to the source article, casting begins next week, so we can expect cast announcements and some of the folks in the original film will probably return, and we can hopefully expect that Danny Trejo will be a part of the cast.

source: bloody-disgusting