trailer for the Philip K Dick adaptation Next* is here, and it looks like this could be the third in Nicolas Cage’s trifecta of the truly terrible. His trilogy of trash began with Wicker Man, continued last week with Ghost Rider, and if we’re lucky, will be concluded on April 27 with Next. In this film Cage dons yet another hairpiece and plays a man who can see the future. The feds want him so he can help them stop an impending terrorist attack, but this is Philip K Dick, so expect more sinister stuff.

And since this is a movie adaptation of Philip K Dick, expect it to suck. I think Dick and Stephen King are having a competition for who can have the highest percentage of excruciating movies made from their works. And with occasional cross-dressing prostitute and James Bond director Lee Tamahori behind the camera on this one, Dick may have a fighting chance.

Click here to see the trailer, which makes the film look like utterly soulless and forgettable big budget action trash. Enjoy!

*Based on the Dick story The Golden Man.