Save for the briefest shots of some Hunger Gamesian guards and some hovercars being towed around, there’s really only nitty gritty signage-and-dirt set dressing on display in this local Toronto news story on Pacific Rim filming in the city. Referring to it by its working title — Still Seas — the broadcasters show off the signage changes, dirtied up cars, and enhanced foliage on a downtown Toronto set.

There’s no reason to be a condescending prick about the story, but it’s hard not to smile at the focus on all the little, pretty-much boring details that are built into a movie of that scale. That said, it’s the minute mundanity that the set dressers and art directors are able to include that ultimately make their work so sophisticated and so fun to look at!

It’s also funny seeing the production from that perspective, rather than from a slick production blog or whatever else. You feel the shadowy presence of Guillermo and WB, but they’re unseen rather than geeking out for the cameras.

As fun as this is, its about time for them to start giving us a taste of what they’re doing. I don’t yet expect a trailer for the 2013 release, but give me a tease or something! Come on guys, show a little leg…

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