’s always kind of tough doing a preview of any
sort for a Woody Allen film because he tends to keep plot details and such
close to the vest. He starts with a central concept and an idea of the pic’s
tone, and you generally don’t get much more until it’s done.

Today’s story is no different. He’s shooting a film
in Barcelona, Spain this summer, and he’s just
cast Javier Bardem (Collateral, Before Night Falls)
opposite Penelope Cruz. The untitled picture is supposedly about foreigners in
the city dealing with a “love entanglement,” and there will be both English and
Spanish dialogue. Beyond that, little else is known.

Still the cast and concept have my interest piqued.
I loved the hell out of Match Point, and really thought it was
the sharpest thing he’s done in a bit. I haven’t caught Scoop,
but I’m really looking forward to his current project, the upcoming drama Cassandra’s
, which features Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell as brothers.