a big fan of Jason Reitman’s sadly overlooked Thank You For Smoking, I was really hoping to see him directing a movie sooner rather than later. Fortunately, his next project Juno just started filming. It’s the story of a young girl (Ellen Page) who gets knocked up and has to deal with the consequences.

What’s really great, however, is that Reitman seems to have picked through the flotsam of Arrested Development to fill out the cast. Jason Bateman just joined up as the husband of a woman (Jennifer Garner) who is interested in adopting Page’s child, and Michael Cera plays Page’s baby daddy and friend. No more moping around to Peanuts music for George Michael, damnit. He tapped that!

Finally, Alison Janney has also been cast as Page’s stepmom. So we’re looking at a rock solid cast for this one, and it’ll get a lot better reception than Thank You For Smoking, I’d wager.