Yesterday we got a bit of news that simultaneously confirmed two things: F. Gary Gray will indeed direct the NWA biopic he’s long circled, and that the other two directors on the Captain America 2 short-list just saw their chances go up about 17%.

The biopic is still the one that has Ice Cube backing, which remains… odd. The guy was pretty much expelled from the group before they crossed over, so what kind of loaded perspective does he bring? I discussed this at length when the project first gained momentum, and the point remains: this sounds troubling.

In any event this also means Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi and Community producers/directors Joe & Anthony Russo have stronger chances of landing the Captain America sequel gig. Since that movie was recently announced as having a set date, that decision’s got to be forthcoming from Marvel, and Gray’s call to focus on a different project may even speed it up.

We’ll keep you posted on both.

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Source | Deadline