week marks the start of production on the
Frank Darabont-helmed adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist for Dimension Films.
Thomas Jane, Andre Braugher, and Laurie Holden have already been cast as
townsfolk holed up in a supermarket as monstrous menaces brought in by a
supernatural storm threaten their idyllic Maine town (
Despite Stevie’s iconic Maine
setting, this is actually going to be lensed in Louisiana)
. But as often happens in this industry, some
other key roles are now being filled juuuuust prior to kickoff.

Marcia Gay Harden and Toby Jones (Infamous)
have signed on as Mrs. Carmody, an obnoxious (and most likely, doomed) local
lady and Ollie, a soft-spoken supermarket manager who has to step up, respectively.

While King adaptations have had a mixed track record on screens both big and
small, Darabont’s the best guy to be doing them and he has free reign from Dimension
to go as wild and dark as he wants to. So I can’t help but look forward to this one.  It looks to be a dynamic 2007 for Dimension with this, Grindhouse, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween redux all slated for release this year.