David Gordon Green has talked about remaking Suspiria for a long long time, but today the news comes that a studio is pulling the trigger and letting the director loose on Dario Argento’s neon-and-shattered-glass masterpiece.

What made Crime Scene Pictures step up and be the ones to empower this endeavor for a September start date? They dig his screenplay apparently.

“David’s script brilliantly updates the world, presenting a rare opportunity to create an elegant, classic horror film…”

I actually kind of buy that sentiment, as the horror remake genre could use a dash of inspiration from the more moody, tonal masterpieces that have remained singular, rather than feeding into mainstream genres. Unfortunately DGG’s track record is not one that I currently hang a lot of enthusiasm on, but this might be a chance to go back to something smaller for him, which I suspect will be a good move.

I’ll be interested to see how much he wants to infuse his film with the classic style, and how much he wants to expand on it with his own aesthetic exploration. I’m not really behind this project per se, but it’s hard to deny that it could be one of the more interesting remakes in some time.

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Source | Deadline