Nothing like a fresh pot of hypocrisy in the morning!

So we do have the fact that this isn’t so much of a trailer-styled trailer for a trailer in our favor, but shit like this makes it clear that when it comes down to it, we just like the things we like. I say all this because despite holding nothing but disdain for the Total Recall trailer’s trailer, I’m absolutely pleased as punch to bring you Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt introducing a Looper trailer that will premiere in three days. In this case the intro is more a little bit of joshing and set-up from the filmmaker and his star, with some footage (and BTS stuff) flashing in. So ultimately they’re maintaining integrity by not cutting this thing like it’s an event film commercial, where the product is simply a blockbuster trailer and not the film itself. There’s nothing huge in the way of spoilers, but if you want to stay perfectly clean then this is where you start avoiding marketing from the September 28th release.

Apparently there will be two more vignettes (I assume tomorrow and the day after). You can see the first on Apple Trailers

I like what I’m seeing already.

There are plenty of lucky fuckers out there that have already seen the film, but for most of us this will be our first tease of the aesthetic, the first visual intro to the plot, and our first look at JGL and Bruno being multi-generational badasses at each other. We also get some more looks at JGL in his Willis make-up, and the subtleties are really working.

I’ll save bigger for thoughts for the real thing. Excited for the full look?

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