news for all people living outside of the United States – not only are you not Americans, and thus probably targets for regime change at any moment (we’re looking at you, Tony Blair, you pussy!), but you’re also not getting Grindhouse. At least if you’re in a non-English speaking territory, and in that case, how the hell are you reading this site, you dirty spy?

Foreign language territories will be getting the films within Grindhouse, but not as one glorious double feature. The Weinstein Company has decided to set asunder what Rodriguez and Tarantino put together, and will release Death Proof and Planet Terror as separate movies – quite possibly months apart. The one plus for my exotically located friends is that the foreign versions of these films will contain extra footage to get them up to a normal running time. There’s no word on how the fake trailers will be included – I imagine they’ll be split up between the two movies and placed in front of each of them? Or will they not exist overseas?

In the meantime I think that this means England, Australia and New Zealand – being English-speaking territories – will get the film as it was intended to be seen. But don’t quote me on that.