SawA few new details have emerged on the latest installment of the puppet/pig mask franchise Saw. While there was never any doubt Saw IV was coming, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have given official word Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw II and III, will begin filming in Toronto, the city of tax breaks, on April 16.

With the instant money Saw franchises consistently mint, the general idea seems to be the "why fix something that’s not broken" approach. Bousman’s last two installments have raked in the cash, the production time and turnaround on these films are lightning quick, and Saw’s films have disfigured their way to over $400 million to date. In fact, the Saw franchise is one of a few franchises where the sequels continue to make more than the previous, with II and III making three quarters of that $400 million.

Saw IV will "dig deeper into the jigsaw legend", which pretty much means even more creative ways to stylishly and creatively kill people with behavior Jigsaw doesn’t like. SPOILER ALERT- (click and drag to read) Tobin Bell is once again cashing in on the Jigsaw role, despite a newly vented throat in III.

At one point, Bousman had stated he was reluctant to do Saw III based on the a fear of disappointing fans. Apparently, the fear is gone.
Saw IV will continue the Halloween trend with an October 26 release date.